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Other Services

Terms and Conditions Worldwide

 1. Membership fee
📌20.000 won / month (unlimited)
📌10.000 won / month (10kg max)
if surpass the limit, will charge 1000 won/kg


 2. Direct EMS

📌ems fee + pack fee + 30%

📌for the ems fee there will be add charge from korea goverment about corona -> 1,600won/kg 

so ems fee + 1,600/kg + other fee + handling (30%)

📌 Photo Fee 1000 won/tracking number

👉🏻 other fees will be paid before we send to ems so you only need to pay the wh fee in advance

👉🏻max keep in warehouse 2 weeks

👉🏻Provide web checkout and transfer won service (open fee)

3. It is strictly FORBIDDEN to SHARE / SPREAD / LEAKED AOKI Warehouse address and phone number
- If caught sharing/ spreading/ leaking address and phone number warehouse Korea will be subject to sanctions in the form of a fine of 100.000 won 

- If you want to tell your friends to use our service, you can contact the Team AOKI in Indonesia

- you can open warehouse using our address but the name of recipient is your code and will be your responsibility.

- our phone number can’t be used for register account (web and others)

Receipt Of Packages
AOKI Warehouse only accept packages that have been paid in full by the customer before it is sent to the warehouse (not accept COD)
• AOKI Warehouse can’t be used as a place to trade
• AOKI Warehouse reserves the right to refuse the package that the sender is not known (be sure to write down the name in accordance with that given by our team in the beginning)
• AOKI Warehouse reserves the right to check the arrived items. DO NOT send items that can’t be shipped using ems. 
if there any package that have battery / liquid and return to warehouse it’ll be sender’s responsibility.
• If the packages delivered do not correspond with the purchased, please confirm directly to the place of purchase of the packages, because it is not our responsibility

• Not serve the delivery to the address of other warehouse or other expeditions


Warm Regards,



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